Ceramics is a passion i have that I have not been able to utilize as much as I would like in this stage of my career, simply due to studio access. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Ceramic Sculpture. Although it is now more a hobby than a living... it is still my dream to again someday have my own studio, and continue doing what I enjoy so much. It is a connection to the ancient world through one of the oldest crafts known to man, utilizing every element: earth (clay), air (drying the clay), fire (firing the clay) and water (manipulating the clay).

This section is dedicated to the memory of an incredible ceramic artist, an inspirational man and my mentor, Arthur C. Nelson. Without his love and passion for the medium I am certain I would not have had the excitment I found in it as well. He is truly missed, as is Dennis Gallager and Viola Frey. All of whom I owe my love of Ceramics.


These figures along with the Hanging Beads below were part of an Installation Piece I did for my final project in college Senior Year. It was called THE ART OF COMMUNICATION:COMMUNICATION WITHOUT SPEAKING and portayed the similar emotions conveyed in all the figures. The figures sat in a circle with sand in the middle of them all, none looking directly at each other. None making eye contact. All communicating strongly an emotion of inward contemplation. The Hanging Beads hung around the circle of figures portraying their actual communication in the 3-dimensional form. Like sound waves.

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